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 101   New Zealand Region of the Hydrographic Society
A sub-branch of the Australasian Branch of the Hydrographic Society with members representing the fields of hydrography, oceanography, geophysics, civil engineering and associated disciplines at all l
Science and Environment
Views: 27040   Hits: 2036  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 30, 2000
 102   Louise Thomas: Science Writer and Editor
Services include plain English writing of technical or scientific subjects. Ideal for research reports, newsletters, educational material, mainstream media science features, science books/booklets.
Science and Environment | Education
Views: 17906   Hits: 2033  Added/Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2008
 103   Gold explorer and gold developer in Otago New Zeal
Ophir Gold Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned mineral exploration company concentrating on the exploration and development of gold, in the Otago region of the South Island in New Zealand.
Science and Environment | Organisations
Views: 21137   Hits: 2031  Added/Updated: Wednesday, June 14, 2006
 104   North Otago Sustainable Land Management Group (NOSLAM)
Aims to have North Otago recognised in the market place, both nationally and internationally, as a community operating sustainable farming systems.
Science and Environment
Views: 27362   Hits: 2020  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 30, 2000
 105   Absolute Power Generation Hydro Wind Solar
Experts in alternative electricity generation. We consult, source, install and support solar, wind, hydro, generator, batteries and other power system types.
Electrical | Science and Environment
Views: 47183   Hits: 2002  Added/Updated: Tuesday, April 22, 2008
 106   Technology New Zealand
Designed to help New Zealand businesses develop and adopt new technology. Part of the Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST).
Science and Environment
Views: 23028   Hits: 1991  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 30, 2000
 107   New Zealand Archaeological Association Inc.
The objectives of the NZAA are to promote and foster research into the archaeology of New Zealand. The NZAA runs a Site Recording Scheme, which contains the records of over 40000 archaeological sites.
Science and Environment
Views: 23390   Hits: 1966  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 30, 2000
 108   Wild Land
Information on earthquakes, eruptions, tsunami, weather and historical events in New Zealand and the South Pacific
Science and Environment | News and Media
Views: 17998   Hits: 1917  Added/Updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2008
 109   Gold explorer and gold developer in Otago New Zeal
Ophir Gold Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned mineral exploration company concentrating on the exploration and development of gold, in the Otago region of the South Island in New Zealand.
Dunedin | Science and Environment
Views: 24073   Hits: 1907  Added/Updated: Wednesday, June 14, 2006
 110   New Zealand Institute of Physics
A group who represent professional physicists. News, membership information, details of conferences and meetings.
Science and Environment
Views: 15967   Hits: 1810  Added/Updated: Thursday, October 05, 2006
 111   New Zealand Landcare Groups
Links to Landcare Groups in New Zealand.
Science and Environment
Views: 23458   Hits: 1806  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 30, 2000
 112   Supreme Oils - Natural Wood Finishes
We make and supply quality oil products to DIY, Retail & Wholesalers at great prices. Our Products include Haarlem Oil, Tung Oil Blend, Vegetable / Gum Turps, Pure Tung Oil
Materials and Supplies | Science and Environment | Home & Garden
Views: 21571   Hits: 1756  Added/Updated: Sunday, May 11, 2008
 113   Totally Harakeke
Totally Harakeke is a service provided by a team of dedicated lovers of Harakeke. We’ve had more than fifty years experience in taking good care of our heritage, the native flax.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Science and Environment
Views: 20238   Hits: 1750  Added/Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
 114   Welcome to Evironet Ltd
Environet is an environmental consulting firm specialising in air quality science and policy
Environment | Science and Environment
Views: 18511   Hits: 1733  Added/Updated: Friday, July 13, 2007
 115   Spirax Sarco
Spirax Sarco provides knowledge, service and products world wide for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids .
Science and Environment
Views: 22884   Hits: 1731  Added/Updated: Thursday, March 18, 1999
 116   Protein Carbonyl Test Kit
BioCell Corporation Ltd is a New Zealand based biotechnology company commitment to the production of high quality veterinary and human biological products. Learn more about protein carbonyl test kits.
Science and Environment | Biology
Views: 22010   Hits: 1666  Added/Updated: Thursday, June 08, 2006
 117   Royal Society of New Zealand
News, events, and publications relating to the society's aim of the advancement of science and technology.
Science and Environment
Views: 26029   Hits: 1649  Added/Updated: Thursday, September 01, 2005
 118   # Water4Gas - Create your own water hybrid
Convert your car/truck today to run on water and petrol/diesel and save over 40% on fuel costs.
Automotive & Transportation | Science and Environment | Education
Views: 96081   Hits: 1417  Added/Updated: Saturday, May 10, 2008
 119   Gunn Lab
Independent and confidential testing of plastics and packaging. Testing of flexible packaging, rigid packaging and other plastic products and materials.
Science and Environment
Views: 14246   Hits: 1416  Added/Updated: Thursday, August 17, 2006
 120   Archaeopedia New Zealand and Pacific Archaeology
The online resource for Pacific Archaeologists. Designed for those interested in New Zealand and Pacific archaeology. Information including excavations, people, techniques and other resources.
Historic Places | Science and Environment
Views: 49011   Hits: 1408  Added/Updated: Saturday, May 24, 2008
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