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site for runners of all standards with articles on training, womens running, starting out, health check, 10k training, half and full marathon training, race diary and reports etc. Site is NZ specific.
Althletics | Health & Fitness
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NZRun is the premier New Zealand Athletics news webiste. Our focus is on high performance New Zealand athletes and competitions, both in New Zealand and Internationally.
Althletics | Recreation and Sports
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 3  Napier Harrier Club
Official site of the Napier Harrier Club. Information about running witht he Napier Harrier Club in Napier, New Zealand. Race results and reviews are included, as is a full calendar of the clubs event
Althletics | Hawkes Bay
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 4  Cool Running New Zealand
Information results and news on running and athletics in New Zealand
Althletics | Health & Fitness
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 5  Deer velvet products
Specially designed top quality deer velvet capsules. Athletic performance and endurance, improved mobility and joint health, general vitality. Range of information on deer velvet and it's use.
Alternative Health | Althletics
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 6  Otago University Harrier and Multisport Club
Uni running club which caters for runners from beginner level through to competitive
Althletics | Multisport
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 7  New Zealands official contractor for DecoTurf
Rostec Ltd is the offical contractors for Deco turf the superior tennis court surface. For the construction and resconstruction of established tennis courts throughout New Zealand
Althletics | Building
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 8  Program Fitness
Program Fitness - Online personal trainer and coach providing beginner or experienced exercise programs
Health & Fitness | Althletics
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 9  Christchurch Matathon Clinic
The Christchurch Marathon Clinic - for the recreational runner or walker.
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 10   Cockle Cove Holiday Accommodation
This beautiful spot is a favourite anchorage for boaties. Saved from deforestation in the 1920's it is now used by 4th generation descendants
Althletics | Yachting
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 11   Program Fitness
Walkers, runners, race walkers - either beginners or experienced, can have their own personalised training program geared to assist them in acheiving their fitness or weight control goals.
Health & Fitness | Althletics
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 12   Rotorua Marathon
The official website of the Rotorua Marathon
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 13   The Official Robin Tait Classic website
Athletics, Robin Tait Classic, Results, news, profiles, programme schedules, event times.
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 14   Cambridge Athletic and Harrier Club
This is the website of the Cambridge Athletic and Harrier Club based in Cambridge, New Zealand. Content: general info, contact details, programme, results.
Althletics | Running
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 15   Caversham Harrier & Athletic Club
The Caversham Harrier & Athletic Club, established in1905 - Dunedin, caters for athletes, runners and walkers of all ages, male, female and children. The Club offers a wide range of activities.
Dunedin | Althletics
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 16   Napier Athletic Club
This is the official website for the Napier Athletic Club were you get news, events and information and see pictures of the Napier Athletic Club. The club welcomes new members of all ages.
Althletics | Health & Fitness
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 17   Herbalife Distributor - Aaron Riddell
Find losing weight difficult, often giving up and putting the weight straight back on? Get back on track with Cellular Nutrition.
Dieting | Nutrition | Althletics
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 18   Lynndale Amateur Athletic & Harrier Club Auckland
Club runs and social events for adults and a fun evening athletics programme for childre aged 3 - 14 years.
Althletics | Recreation and Sports | Running
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