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 1  Housing New Zealand
Housing New Zealand Limited is a Crown-owned entity, and is responsible for the ownership and management of the Crown's portfolio of low-income residential rental properties in New Zealand.
Agencies and Departments | Rental Accommodation
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 2  Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
Home of New Zealand's Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
Agencies and Departments | Science and Environment
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 3  Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
Home page for the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
Agencies and Departments | Science and Environment
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 4  Flag NZ
flagnz is the leading design for the up and cominng new flag for new is designed by a NZer,in NZ an most importantly for ALL new zealanders
Government | Agencies and Departments
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 5  Kakapo Recovery Programme
Find out everything you ever wanted to know about New Zealand’s mysterious ‘parrot of the night’, and the efforts of the Kakapo Recovery Programme - a partnership between the Department of Conservatio
Conservation | Agencies and Departments
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 6  Nelson Marlborough District Health Board
Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is the leading publicly funded health care provider in Nelson and Marlborough.
Hospitals | Agencies and Departments
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 7  Work and Income New Zealand
Work and Income New Zealand: Look for staff, list your vacancies, find out about training, help with wages, work experience and other employment solutions.
Recruitment Companies | Agencies and Departments
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 8  Births, Deaths and Marriages
Registers all births, deaths and marriages which take place in New Zealand. The second major facet of the business of the registry is to provide access to registered birth, death and marriage informat
Agencies and Departments
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 9  Creative New Zealand
Creative New Zealand is the main arts development and funding organisation in New Zealand. This site details arts funding, arts advocacy and research, publications, arts resources, arts news, and cont
Arts and Entertainment | Agencies and Departments
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 10   NZ Flag
The exists to encourage debate leading to the changing of New Zealand's flag. The trust is a non profit trust and has an objective of ensuring a referendum takes place to decide a new flag.
Agencies and Departments | International Relations
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 11   Wellington Chamber Commerce
Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce is the business voice for trade in New Zealand. Offering trade, business and investment advice for the Wellington region.
Agencies and Departments | Wellington
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 12   MAF - Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Comprehensive database of New Zealand agriculture, forestry and horticulture information.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Agencies and Departments
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 13   New Zealand Qualifications Authority
The New Zealand Qualifications Authority coordinates qualifications in secondary schools and in post-school education and training, quality assures local and national qualifications, ensures recogniti
Education | Agencies and Departments
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 14   New Zealand Government Electronic Commerce Web Site
Delivers easy access to all available government information on Electronic Commerce, including tax, consumer protection, privacy, the legal environment and trust and security.
Business and Economy | Agencies and Departments
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 15   Companies Office
Direct access to the official government register and national database which stores registration information - companies, trademarks, industrial and provident societies, charitable trusts, overseas
Agencies and Departments
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 16   New Zealand Police Communications Centre
The New Zealand Police have three Communication Centres that will manage police Communications and Resource Deployment for the entire country.
Agencies and Departments
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 17   New Zealand Department of Labour
New Zealand Department of Labour: Responsible for employment (individual and community focussed), health and safety, immigration, industrial relations and labour market issues and related legislation.
Agencies and Departments
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 18   Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)
The Energy Efficiency andConservation Authority (EECA) is an independent government agencycharged with determining and implementing practical measures forachieving greater energy efficiency in New Zea
Agencies and Departments | Energy
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 19   Department Of Internal Affairs
INTERNAL AFFAIRS, New Zealand's most varied and, arguably, fascinating Government Department, is certainly the oldest - originating in 1840 as the Office of the Colonial Secretary.
Agencies and Departments
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 20   NZ Industrial Relation, Dept of Labour
Industrial Relations Info-Net - Find out about employment rights, employment contracts and employment law, get help with solving problems, get up to date industrial relations information and publicati
Agencies and Departments
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