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 1  Agriculture New Zealand Ltd
New Zealand's largest agricultural and horticultural consultancy company, with over 100 consultants in 35 offices nationwide.
Consultants | Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
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 2  N.Z. Farming Directory
General, Sheep, Dairy, Forestry, Finance, Contractors, Computers, Research, Weather, Fertiliser, Beef, Cropping, Machinery, Veterinary, Consultant farming links
Organisations | Research | Dairy Farming
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 3  Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
A broad-ranging resource of agricultural, horticultural forestry seafood and other rural information.
Organisations | Forestry | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 4  Gateway to the NZ Dairy Industry
A well organised set of links and search function to help you find any information you need about the New Zealand Dairy Industry.
Dairy Farming | Organisations
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 5  AgriQuality
AgriQuality is New Zealands leading supplier of testing, analysis, and quality assurance systems for animal, plant, forestry and food products.
Research | Organisations | Consultants
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 6  NZ Vegetarian Society - Wellington Branch
A non-profit community organisation promoting healthy eating, animal rights and environmental issues. We have a wide range of pamphlets online.
Dieting | Food & Beverages | Organisations
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 7  C R McPhail Ltd
Offering Agricultural Technical Business Tours throughout New Zealand.
Tour Operators | Organisations | Conventions & Conferences
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 8  Fonterra Co-operative Group
New Zealand & International milk producers group investing in organic dairy industries and products such as milk and cheese ingredients.
Dairy Farming | Organisations
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 9  International Agriculture and Nature Conservation Training
Short and long courses in agriculture, biotechnology and nature conservation especially designed for international students. Includes language training, farm stays, outdoor education and experiences i
Polytechnics & Colleges | Organisations
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 10   Mexted Contractors Ltd Sports Turf Services
Mexted Contractors Limited offers a full Sports turf service incorporating playing field design, construction, drainage systems, turf maintenance and renovation.
Sports Equipment | Organisations
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 11   Catholic Development Fund
Catholic development Fund , all the info and how to and descripition of the whole orgainsation .
Organisations | Accountants
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 12   Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association of New Zea
Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association of New Zealand home page, breed promotion, contact detail and many links
Dairy Farming | Organisations
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 13   Institute of Natural Resources
The Institute of Natural Resources consists of 120 academic and support staff from a wide range of discipline areas including: Ecology, Zoology, Soil and Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Forestr
Organisations | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 14   agTrade
agtrade is a free market place for any rural activity, product or service. Photos may accompany all advertisements for which you have total control to edit or delete at any time on line. Run by farme
Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
Views: 129974   Hits: 5327  Added/Updated: Thursday, August 02, 2001
 15   nztrades - Agricultural & Rural
The nztrades directory has listings and links to NZ Associations, construction companies, contractors, tradesmen and suppliers in 26 specific trades groups within 18 Regional Areas
Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
Views: 89212   Hits: 4677  Added/Updated: Friday, January 14, 2000
 16   Northland Region Federated Farmers
Northland Region Federated Farmers site for all farmers whether federation members or not. Farmer assistance when you need it.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
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 17   New Zealand Hemp Industries Association Inc 1997 (HNN)
Industrial Hemp information/Forum/Lobby/Network/Resource/Message board.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
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 18   RNZIH - Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
The mission of the RNZIH is to encourage and improve horticulture in New Zealand.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Organisations
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 19   Festival of Opportunities - New Zealands International Festival of Health and Lifestyles
The Festival of Opportunities an international renowned festival that benefit your health and well being. It is 12th annual festival and also referred to as the Nelson Health Festival, held in Nelso
Education | Organisations
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 20   Canterbury Seed Company Ltd
Details profile and promotes our grain,seed and pea business.
Organisations | Trading Companies & Services
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